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Die hier angebotene 26“ Ausführung ist am besten geeignet für Fahrer bis 1,72m Körpergröße.

B series - All you need for a daily commute
With ‘San Francisco suitability’ in mind, the VANMOOF B-Series is equipped with all the technology necessary for a daily commute on tougher terrain. Combining a new lightweight aluminium frame with a comfortable three-speed gear system, the new Vapour White B-Series is the perfect match for the worldwide commuter.

3 speed
On all VANMOOF bikes you will only find complete integrated gearing solutions. We believe the outside gearing solutions are absolutely not suitable for a commuting bicycle, as they require maintenance and get damaged too easily. The integrated gear (internal gear hubs) is situated in the rear wheel, where it’s well protected. It’s a simple solution and it gives us the opportunity to completely cover the chain as well, making the whole drive train maintenance free.  
The most important aspect of the gear hub is not the amount of gears, but the total range (difference between first and last gear) of the gear hub. If the hub has a very big range it’s better to have more steps in between (gears). For example; the B series with a range of 177% is works best with 3 gears, but the S-series with a total range of 307% (!) needs 8 gears to cover the big range and to be sure you find the perfect gear for any situation.
The bike you’ve selected uses a Sturmey-Archer hub with a range of 177% and 3 gears to choose from. This type of gearing hub uses a rotary shifting system, meaning the gearing cable can stay inside the frame, where it is extra well protected.

Powder coated aluminium.
The bicycle you’ve selected has an aluminium frame with an extra hard powder coated layer. On top of the powder coated paint is another layer of transparent paint, to give it a better finish and to get an even better protection against color fading or damage.
The material we’ve select for this frame is very high quality aluminium 7075 alloy. A bike frame has a lot of forces to work with, and we want ours to stay in great shape for its whole life. Every VANMOOF frame is hand welded by the best skilled workers. After all the welding is done, and every possible measurement is performed, the frame gets a heat treatment to make the aluminium even stronger from the inside out.

Front and rear disc-brakes.
The type of brake system on your bike actually determines the character and purpose of the bike. For our VANMOOF bicycles we’ve selected a small collection of different brakes, one is not necessarily better than the other, but suits a different usage of the bicycle. We believe that brakes for an urban commuter must be light weight, low maintenance and most importantly: should not make your clothes dirty.
The bike you selected uses a mechanical disc-brake system with 140mm discs on the front and rear. The disc brake system is light weight and has amazing braking power in any weather condition. There will be no brake pad dirt on your wheels or bike (unlike a rim brake system). It is not 100% maintenance free; it requires an easy adjustment every 6 months when used daily. At VANMOOF we believe the small sized disc brakes are the most suitable brake system for a commuter bike, they’re clean, light, and low on maintenance and can be used on every road and in every weather condition.

High powered lumiring.
We believe that your place on the road is well deserved and that you should emphasize this as much as possible. Together with Philips we have developed a fully integrated lighting system that enables you to make yourself seen, while at the same time lighting the road around you. Based on Philips’s Luxeon technology and designed by the car industry’s best optical engineers, the front light delivers an astonishing 40 lux, which is roughly the same as most motorized vehicles. Your rear light is enlightened by a homogeneous ring of light, suitable for a confident ride in any dark alley.
The light is powered by a dynamo that is hidden inside the front wheel, so you never have to worry about running out of power. Simply turn on the lights by the switch on the frame, and as long as you’re moving the lights will do their job. When you stop at a traffic light, the lights will stay on for 2 minutes; making sure you are seen by other road users.

A commuter’s saddle has many different requirements compared to a normal bicycle saddle. It needs to be very strong to prevent being damaged, needs to be weather resistant, and on top of that, it always needs to be elegant and shiny to impress its owner. On all VANMOOF bikes you will find a saddle from the brand COMMUTE.
The saddles with air suspension are made for long distance riding, giving more comfort to the user. The air suspension works great in filtering the heavy shocks and vibrations, without losing the advantage of having a harder saddle top. To keep things simple and affordable we also have the option of using a saddle without air suspension on our F and T series.

High puncture protection level.
We first have to bust a myth: bigger tires have more rolling resistance? Not true! In fact, bigger tires have less rolling resistance on an average road, because they absorb inequality much better than thin tires. Other advantages of bigger tires:
    •    More grip on wet and snowy roads.
    •    Loses less pressure over time, so no need to pump that often.
    •    More comfort, better suspension.
    •    Better puncture protection.
But why do all racing bikes use small tires? For better aerodynamics and weight savings. But those 2 benefits are negligible for everyday bicycles, as the weight of a tire is already little (big or small) and the wind resistance is very limited on a commuter ride.
All the tires we use have high puncture protection and are made from high quality rubber, to keep maintenance as low as possible.

Fully enclosed anti-rust chain.
Many parts on VANMOOF bicycles are unique. If there are no suitable solutions available, we will find the best possible one. Most of the time this means creating something new from scratch, this is what makes our bikes stand out from the pack. We wanted a maintenance free, light weight and affordable solution for our chain covers, so we designed our own. VANMOOF partnered with Yung Fang of Taiwan to give you the best fully covered chain cover in the world.
Covering the whole chain is very important when it comes to commuting. It keeps the chain greased and free of contaminants for a maintenance free ride. Most importantly for you, it prevents your clothes from getting dirty or from being ripped by the chain.
Other solutions have also been looked at carefully but just weren’t good enough for VANMOOF. An expensive belt drive system for example, simply wasn’t robust enough for urban areas. Drive shaft solutions simply were just too heavy and made you feel like you were riding a tank rather than a bicycle. We chose the chain drive because of its high strength and simplicity. Combined with our new chain cover, this creates the ultimate drivetrain solution for a commuter bike.

Riding position
The ergonomics of a bicycle determines its character. The position of the handlebar, saddle and the pedals will determine if you will sit upright like a gentleman or have your head down like a racing cyclist. Before you select your bicycle, it is wise to think about how you would like to get around town.
The semi-upright position combines the best of two worlds. This position will allow you to ride fast while still sitting in an upright position. It is also found on many French velo’s of the ’70s, and is nowadays found on long distance trekking bicycles. At VANMOOF we like this position for our commuting bike, because you always find the best riding position whether you’re in a hurry or just cruising around. The handlebar can easily be adjusted in height before you start using your bike. Put it higher for a more upright riding position.

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