Dolly Bikes Cargo Nexus 8

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Dolly Cargo

In addition to the successful Dolly Family, we have added the Dolly Cargo to the Dolly collection. Developed together with business users. Dutch top quality as well as fair proced. Available with and without pedal assistance. Equipped with powerful 450Wh battery and provided with a wide, and very stable bike stand.

The lightweight flight case is made of PP (polypropylene), has a volume of 280 litres and a carrying capacity of max. 80 kg. The cover is tiltable and has gas springs which makes it accessible from both sides. Rain-resistant and with built-in, fast-working lock. Spacious loading capacity with a surface of 650x535 mm (LxW), calculated for Euro norm, Gastro norm and A standard paper sizes.

Like all the Dolly cargo bikes, there are 4 different frame colours!

Dolly cargo bikes are available at specialized cargo bike dealers.

Dolly Cargo specifications


  • Cost-effective goods transport in the city
  • Available with and without pedal assistance
  • Powerful 450 Bafang battery
  • Wide stable bike stand
  • Sustainable and environmentally sound carrier
  • Can be covered with stickers for advertising purposes
  • Good for the company image

Flight case:

  • Firm, lightweight flight case made of 10mm PP (polypropylene)
  • Volume of 280 litres and a loading capacity of 80 kg
  • Can be loaded and unloaded from both sides
  • Rain-resistant
  • Built-in, fast-working lock
  • Cover with gas spring
  • Sporty looking


With a surface of 650x535mm (LxW) the flight case has room, among other things, for:

  • Euro norm crates/ containers:
    • 1x 600x400mm
    • 2x 400x300mm
    • 4x 300x200mm
    • Gastro norm containers:
      • 1x GN 2/1
      • 2x GN 1/1
      • 4x GN 1/2
      • A standard paper sizes:
        • 1x A2 box
        • 2x A3 box
        • 4x A4 box
Technische Daten
Geschlecht Unisex Erwachsene
Modelljahr 2018
Rahmen Stahl
Federung Keine Federung
Bremsart Coasterbrake
Bremse Shimano Rollerbrake, neue Ausführung
Bremshebel Shimano
Radgröße 26 Zoll
Reifen CST 51-559 / 26" - 1.90
Laufräder Aluminium schwarz
Anzahl Gänge 8
Schaltsystem Nabenschaltung
Schalthebel Shimano Nexus Drehgriff
Nabe vorn Shimano
Nabe hinten Shimano Nexus 8
Kurbelgarnitur Micanda
Griffe Ergo Griffe
Lenker Geschwungener Moustache Lenker
Sattel Selle Royale RIO
Gewicht 43 kg (exkl. Zubehör)
Beleuchtung LED
Scheinwerfer LED Batterie Beleuchtung
Rücklicht LED Batterie Beleuchtung
Schutzbleche Stahl in Rahmenfarbe
Seitenständer Hauptständer
Maße 255 x 65 cm

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